Hansa Art Glass

John (Hansa) van Horssen was born in Montfort, Holland in 1946 and emigrated to Australia with his family in 1954, settling in Gippsland, Victoria. He has worked as a truckdriver, hairdresser, deckhand and farmworker. Initially inspired by his mother Rita van Horssen (well known to glazing afficionados in Victoria), Hansa learned to love glazing while living in an artists' colony in Uki, northern New South Wales, in the 1970s.

Hansa has developed his own unique glass-on-glass techniques with stunning results, as can be seen in his sales gallery. On high-quality preformed glass, he weaves, tilts and sprays layers of molten coloured ceramic glass glaze, kiln-fired to 600°C each time, to achieve effects that mesmerise and delight. Hand-drawn 22 Karat gold details complete the spell.

The laminates that result are permanent, perfect for candleholders or flower arrangements (Hansa's vases are sought-after by Ikebana artists) but beautiful as ornaments in their own right.

550 mm bent tower

550 mm bent tower

300 mm tall vase

300 mm rose bowl

600 mm barrel vase

600 mm tall tower

450 mm barrel vase

190 mm tall urn

400 mm rose bowl

290 mm tall classic vase

240 mm Rose Bowl

240 mm wide ellipse

190 mm tall urn

160 mm tall rectangle

250 mm tall urn

Me Hansa at play